Mount the Lightswing

The Lightswing is easy to mount in a few steps. You can watch the mounting video or follow the steps below. Do you prefer to read the installation guide? This can be done here. 

Within a few minutes you can install your pendant lamp on the ceiling.

  • Drill 4 small holes in the ceiling.
  • Connect the Lightswing
  • Assemble the Lightswing on the ceiling
  • Attach your pendant lamp to the Quick release.

Included in the package.​

The Lightswing comes with the following accessories. The optional mounting ring comes standard with the Lightswing matt white, matt black and stainless steel.

  • Lightswing
  • Quick release; one (Single) or two (Twin)
  • Ceiling covers
  • Drilling template
  • Screws with a hook 
  • Adjustment screws
  • Optional mounting ring( comes standard with black, white and stainless steel)

What else do you need?

Screws and plugs are not included in the package. Depending on the material of your ceiling you can use the plugs and screws that are the most suitable. Beside that, you need some tools.

  • 4 screws and plugs
  • Drilling machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire stripper

Step 1:  Drill four small holes in the ceiling.

First, switch off the electricity for the relevant connection point and if necessary unplug the lamp from the connection point.

  • Determine easily the position of the drilling holes by using the supplied drilling template.
  • Drill the 4 marked ceiling holes using the correct drill and drill bit.
  • Insert the plugs in the drill holes and check if they are secured.

Step 2: Connect the Lightswing

First, remove the quick realease(s) from the Lightswing before assembling it to the ceiling.  Remove the lid from the distribution box if needed.

  • Connect, if present, the ground wire to the grounding lip of the Lightswing.
  • Connect the hook up wire and neutral wire to the terminal block of the Lightswing

Step 3: Attach the Lightswing to the ceiling

Put the connected wires into the distribution box in the ceiling.  Place the Lightswing against the ceiling and make sure that the holes in the Lightswing line up with the drilled holes in the ceiling.

  • Insert four screws into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Check if the Lightswing can rotate freely and if it can slide back and forth.

Step 4: Attach the cord to the quick release

First, determine how high the lamp has to hang and mark this length on the lamp cord. Cut the cord approximately 10 cm longer than the marked spot. Strip the ends of the wires along a length of 1 cm, to expose the copper.

  • Connect the cord of the lamp to the quick release.
  • Put the quick release back in the Lightswing.

Step 5: Finishing

Due to the weight of the lamp or  inequality in the ceiling, the Lightswing can hang down slightly. The Lightswing comes standard with adjusting screws. By turning the adjusting screw in or out you can adjust the Lightswing among the ceiling.

  • Move and turn the Lightswing into the right place.
  • Use the adjusting screws to adjust the Lightswing.
  • Put the ceiling covers on the Lightswing to hide the screws.

Optional: the mounting ring

The mounting ring makes it possible to assemble the Lightswing on every wanted place on the ceiling. Make sure that this place can be reached by the connection point. You only have to use the mounting ring when it is not possible to assemble the Lightswing over the central distribution box.

The mounting ring comes standard with the Lightswing (matt white, matt black and stainless steel).

How it works:

  • Mount the mounting ring on the wanted spot on the ceiling.
  • Move the connection point beneath mounting ring
  • Connect the Lightswing to the connection point.
  • Mount the Lightswing onto the mounting ring
  • Hide the cable using a cable duct