The total length of the Lightswing is 35 inch , the width is 1.2 inch and the height is 0.8 inch. The ceiling plate has a diameter of 4.9 inch. The total weight of the Lightswing is 3 lbs.
Each individual pendant light up to 7.5 lbs is suitable for the Lightswing. With the strong steel construction of the Lightswing, lights up to 7.5 lbs can be attached, even when the arm of the Lightswing is fully extended. The Ligthswing Twin can also hold a maximum weight of 7.5 lbs per light (15.4 lbs total). A light must never be heavier than 7.5 lbs.
All pendant lights up to 7.5 lbs are suitable for the Lightswing. One cable can be fixed in the Quick Release system meaning that it is not possible to attach pendant lights with multiple cables. For the Twin, two single lights can be fixed because there is a Quick Release at both ends.
In principle any ceiling is suitable for the Lightswing. The ceiling does need to be strong enough for the weight of the pendant light. If necessary a reinforcement needs to be fixed in place around the central box. First check carefully whether a screw with plug has optimum grip in the ceiling before attaching the Lightswing.