From Amsterdam to Sydney.
And from practical to smart and stylish.

“How can I move this pendant light without having to drill holes in the ceiling again?” Paul Constandse wonders loudly, staring at the hanging lamp above his kitchen table. Then he got it … Since then, his life will never be the same.

The story of the Lightswing

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We’re taking you to 2006. Paul and his wife bought a new house in Leeuwarden. If Paul hangs up the pendant lamp, his wife suddenly decides to change the position of the table by giving it a quarter turn. Yes, the table looks so much better in the room. But the new pendant light suddenly lost its good position…

“My boy, as an inventor you only need one good idea …”

Paul stares at the ceiling and thinks about his grandfather. He once said to him: “Boy, as an inventor you just need one good idea …” Paul realizes that this is the moment. It should be a new suspension system , that makes your interior flexible.

Paul immediately goes into his shed and did not get out for a long time. In the end, he made a first prototype. Awkward and heavy and still miles away from the current Lightswing. But the beginning is there! And most importantly, his wife is also enthusiastic.

The first official prototype of the Lightswing

In the months that follow Paul works on his invention. He creates a website, a Facebook page and: orders! Paul realizes, he needs an investor, so he talks about his invention with banks and an electronics giant. He gets good proposals, but declines them; it just did not feel right.

And now what to do? Paul does not have a clue.

Until Christmas diner in 2014. During the main course his sister in law suggests to talk to John, a friend who is investor. Soon after Christmas the deal is made. Also a marketeer joins them as well as a product developer. The technology should be even smarter and the design even more sophisticated.

A well-visited stand during the VT-Wonen & Design Fair

The first important success is the VT Wonen Lamp & Design Fair, which is a direct hit. People are curious and enthusiastic. Yes! The Lightswing also appeals to designers. A visitor advises to develop besides the Single version also the Twin, a model for two hanging lamps.

“Yes! The Lightswing is also popular with designers.”

The Lightswing now makes thousands of interiors more flexible and attractive. From the Netherlands to Brazil and from Iceland to Australia. And every day it is “discovered” by interior lovers from all over the world. “If the Lightswing was human, it would be a smart, reliable and stylish woman,” said Paul, who was sitting at his kitchen table. The place where it all started.ย 

Paul and office dog Tjibbe at the kitchen table

“And every day it is “discovered” by interior lovers from all over the world.”