Lightswing Single – Matt Black – 35inch

Lightswing Single – Matt Black – 35inch

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Never again will your stunning pendant light be in the wrong place or have an ugly finish. And never again does your pendant light need the stay in the same spot on your ceiling. From now on your pendant light will always be hanging on the right spot, even when you want to change your furniture and interior. Lightswing® is the solution for moving your light.

3x reasons why you need the Lightswing®

  • No more drilling extra holes in your ceiling
  • No more loose cables or bad finishing
  • Switch your pendant light endlessly from position

How to hang the Lightswing® and your pendant light

  1. Make sure the power is of and if necessary, remove your current lamp
  2. Use the template enclosed to drill the four holes around the electric wiring on your ceiling
  3. Connect the wiring from the ceiling to the connector in the Lightswing® and screw the Lightswing onto the ceiling
  4. Strip a part of the cord of your pendant light to connect the wires to the Quick Release properly and click the Quick Release into the Lightswing
  5. Move the Lightswing® and Pendant light to the spot you want it to hang and mount the enclosed levelling foot between the Lightswing® and ceiling for the correct finish
  6. Turn the power back on and enjoy your Lightswing®!

Click here to check out the full Lightswing® manual.

Tools required

  • Drilling machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket screwdriver
  • Stripping pliers
  • Marker
  • Four screws and plugs suitable for your type of ceiling*

*These screws and plugs are not enclosed because it's not a one size fits all situation. Check which screw and plug is best suited for your type of ceiling. We recommend a 7mm head with, flat-head screws, so that the screw head fits exactly in the recesses of the Lightswing®.

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  • Innovative Dutch Design with trademark property

Matt black: subtle and super stylish.
Industrial, a little graphic but above all super stylish. That is this Lightswing Single matt black. Matt black is calm and subtle. But once a matted surface gets your attention, it holds it. The secret: matte does not reflect light.

Matt black is a common “colour” in contemporary interiors. It is not without reason that the Single matt black is one of the most popular Lightswings.

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Product benefits

  • Effortless turning, moving and changing
  • Perfect for your living room, dining table, bedroom or workplace
  • Suitable for one pendant light of max. 7.5 lbs

Technical specifications

Turn range

360 degrees

Slide range

80 cm (31.5 inch) left and right

Maximum weight

7.5 lbs (3.5 kg)


Matt Black


35 inch (90 cm)


0.8 inch (2 cm)


1.2 inch (3 cm)

Diameter base plate

4.9 inch (12.5 cm)

Weight Lightswing

3 lbs (1.5 kg)

Suitable for a dimmer


Suitable for damp places


Including light source


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