Testimonial Europarcs Hindeloopen

Park Manager Wianda Dijksma – EuroParcs Hindeloopen

Initially, we faced a frustrating issue when the pre-built homes were placed in our park; the ceiling openings for lighting fixtures didn’t align with the table positions. This misalignment made our carefully designed spaces look awkward, and the initial quick fix of a cable conduit visually compromised the aesthetics we aimed for. In our search for a solution that matched our standards of quality and durability, we discovered the Lightswing® system.

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3. Testimonial EuroParcs

Lightswing® proved to be the perfect solution to our problem. Not only did it align the lights precisely above the tables, but it also offered the flexibility to adjust lighting easily if we decide to reconfigure the spaces or replace the furniture in the future. We chose the black model, which seamlessly integrates with the other black fixtures and fittings throughout our properties, such as socket covers, light switches, and door handles, maintaining the contemporary style of our interiors.

The feedback from homeowners has been overwhelmingly positive, appreciating both the enhanced aesthetics and the functional flexibility. I would highly recommend Lightswing® to anyone seeking to future-proof their space with a versatile and stylish lighting solution.