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Attach a pendant light to an ornament.

In both old and new houses, you can regularly find an ornament or rosette on the ceiling. An ornament or rosette is often located in the middle of the room and lends itself as an ideal place where you can hang a beautiful pendant lamp. But what is the best way to attach a pendant lamp to an ornament?

Pendant lamp on ornament without loose cables

An ornament on the ceiling gives a room a classic and romantic look. By attaching the pendant light to the ornament, a luxurious look is created in which the ornament and the pendant light really catch the eye.

But an ornament is often located in the centre of the room. And what if that’s not the place where you want to hang a pendant light No worries! With the Lightswing® suspension system it is possible to hang the lamp next to the ornament, without loose cables or a sloppy finish.

Lightswing and pendant lamp hanging from an ornament on the ceiling

Attaching your pendant light to an ornament with the Lightswing®

With the help of the Lightswing® you can attach the pendant light next to the ornament, without loose cables hanging from the ornament. You can attach the Lightswing® suspension system to the ornament if there is a designated connection point for your lightning.

You first attach the mounting ring to the ornament. Then attach the Lightswing® to the mounting ring. With the mounting ring you ensure that sufficient distance is kept between the ornament and the Lightswing®. This allows the Lightswing® to move along the ornament, without damaging it.

Statement piece on your ceiling

So, do you want a pendant light in the right place and at the same time do you want to put the classic elements of your ceiling in the spotlight? Then choose the Lightswing®. Discover everything about the Lightswing® and attaching the Lightswing®.