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How the Lightswing® works

We love changing our interior whenever we feel like it. We must have endless possibilities. Some areas however, have their limits because of the light situation. But that issue is now gone, thanks to the Lightswing®.

Create flexibility in 3 ways
Turn 360 degrees

Firstly, you can turn the Lightswing® 360 degrees around the attachment point.

Move in all directions

In addition, you can move the Lightswing® from the attachment point 80 cm in both directions.

Swap your lamps easily

Finally, you can swap your pendant light really easily thanks to the Quick Release. Always flexibility, stylish and convenient!

Is your pendant light suitable?

The Lightswing® can be used with every pendant light, whether it be a light with a cord, chain or steel cord. Thanks to the very strong steel construction, the Lightswing® Single can cope with a pendant light of maximum 3.5 kg. The Lightswing® Twin is suitable for 2 pendant lights with a maximum of 3.5 kg each. Changing and removing the pendant light is also a smooth process with the aid of the Quick Release. So, a party or a gourmet evening? Just disconnect the lights and you’re ready.

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The designer finish your room needs

and your pendant light deserves

The Lightswing® Single and Lightswing® Twin come in three stylish and timeless colours: matt black, matt white and stainless steel. Furthermore, much attention has been paid to the design, making the Lightswing® a good addition to every interior and in every situation. No more ugly cable ducts or covering caps, but always both flexibility and style!

Lightswing single white dingingroom grey

This is how you install the Lightswing®

  • Install the Lightswing® to your ceiling.  
  • Determine the length of the cord, 60 to 80 cm above the dining table is usually recommended and provides the best lighting. 
  • Attach your pendant light to the Lightswing® using the Quick Release. 
  • Slide and rotate the Lightswing® according to your preference. 
  • Enjoy your movable pendant lights and perfectly illuminated dining room.

Meet the Lightswing® Single

Mount the Lightswing® and turn and slide your pendant light to the desired place. Making sure your light is always centered.

Meet the Lightswing® Twin

Both your pendant lights can turn and slide, ensuring they are always perfectly centered and simple to adjust.