Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Twin also work with one lamp?

Yes, it does! You can also use the Lightswing Twin for a single pendant lamp.

Is my ceiling suitable for the Lightswing?

The Lightswing effortlessly carries the heavy leverage, including lamp, up to 3.5 kilos, which is why the ceiling plate, casing and guide rail are made of solid steel. Always ask a professional if you have any doubts.

How much weight can the Lightswing carry?

The question of how much your ceiling can carry is just as important. If necessary, you will have to install some reinforcement around the lighting point (the central box) against the ceiling first. Check if an inserted plug and screw offer enough support before you install the Lightswing.

No screws and plugs are included?

Every ceiling (material) requires appropriate plugs and screws. Select the ones that are suitable for your situation and only use unused material. 

Can I also connect a ceiling light or multiple lamps to the Lightswing?

No, the Lightswing is only suitable for solo pendant lamps, which can be suspended from the Lightswing by their own cable.

Do you have a question?

Is your question not listed? Send us an email and we will try to answer your question as quickly as possible.