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1. General

Can I convert the Lightswing® Single to a Lightswing® Twin later on?

No, unfortunately, two lamps cannot be hung on the Lightswing® Single. The Lightswing® is assembled and closed on one side,...

Can I make the Lightswing® longer?

The Lightswing® is available in two lengths: 90cm and 110cm. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make the Lightswing® longer.

Can I use the Lightswing® for outdoor lighting?

Since the Lightswing® is not moisture-resistant, the suspension system should not be used outside or in humid areas.

Can the Lightswing® be used in combination with a dimmer?

It is possible to use the Lightswing® in combination with a wall dimmer. In some cases, a pendant lamp has...

Do I only need one connection point for the Lightswing® Twin?

Yes, the Lightswing® Twin only requires one connection point. The power is split within the Lightswing® to both ends, allowing...

Do you also sell pendant lights?

The Lightswing® suspension system is supplied without pendant lamps. Additionally, we do not sell pendant lamps on our website. You...

For which spaces is the Lightswing® suitable?

The Lightswing® can be used above the dining table, in the bedroom, above the kitchen counter, in the living room,...

What are the dimensions of the Lightswing®?

Lightswing® Single 90cm: 90cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 2cm (H). The ceiling plate has a diameter of 12.5cm. The...

What is in my package?

Various components are delivered with the Lightswing. The package contains: The Lightswing, one (single) or two (twin) Quick Release(s), Cover plates,...

What is the difference between the Lightswing® Single and the Lightswing® Twin?

The Lightswing® Single has a connection for one pendant light. With the Lightswing® Single, you can hang and move one...

What is the distance between the two lamps on the Lightswing® Twin?

The lights are spaced 90cm apart for the Lightswing® Twin with a length of 90cm. The Lightswing® Twin 90cm is...

What is the Lightswing® and how does the Lightswing® work?

The Lightswing® is the suspension system that allows you to move pendant lights. The arm of the Lightswing® can slide...