View inspiring examples of the Lightswing

The Lightswing is available in a Single and a Twin. Both models are available in two stylish and timeless colours; matt white and matt black. Discover the versatile Lightswing in different rooms and get inspired.

Lightswing Single

Examples of the Lightswing Single

Lightswing Twin

Examples of the Lightswing Twin

Suitable in any room

Examples of the lightswing in different rooms

Dining room

The Lightswing offers the perfect solution to get the light point in the right place in the dining room.

Living room

A pendant lamp in the living room has both advantages and disadvantages. The Lightswing can easily overcome the disadvantages.


In the kitchen it is important to have good light. With the Lightswing you always have the light point in the right place.


With the Lightswing you can easily place a pendant lamp in the bedroom. Create the perfect atmosphere.


A pendant lamp at your workplace? With the Lightswing, the lamp is always in the right place.

Reading corner

While reading it is important to have enough light. Create an illuminated reading corner.


Voorbeelden van gebruikssituaties 

​Dining table

With the help of the Lightswing you can easily attach one or two pendant lamps above a dining table.

Steel cable or chain

The Lightswing can also be used in combination with a pendant lamp that has a steel cable or chain.

Anywhere on the ceiling

Is the range of the Lightswing not big enough? With the help of the mounting ring you can place the Lightswing anywhere on the ceiling.


The Lightswing is the ideal solution for placing a pendant lamp under a skylight.


 With the help of the mounting ring you can also use the Lightswing in combination with an ornament.


Would you like to temporarily remove your pendant lamp during a party? This is possible with the help of the handy quick release system.