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The Lightswing® colour for your interior

Which Lightswing® colour do you want? Does the colour and material of the Lightswing® fit well with your interior? And more importantly; does your pendant lamp match the Lightswing®? We are happy to help you choose the right Lightswing®, so it fits in with the rest of your interior.

The Lightswing® matt white

When matching your matt white Lightswing®, it is important to first look at the colour of your ceiling. Chances are that the Lightswing® matt white RAL9016 blends perfectly with your ceiling colour. The colour of the lamp cord of the pendant lamp also has an important role.

The Lightswing® is at its best when it matches to your pendant lights. It also gives your interior a fresh look. So do you have lamps with a light lamp cord? Go for the matt white Lightswing®!

Lightswing Single white in bedroom

Lightswing® Stainless steel

A Lightswing® in stainless steel combines well with wood and concrete. Are those materials featured in your interior? Then the Lightswing® stainless steel is a great option for you. Stainless steel elements can often be seen in the kitchen, in chair or table legs or in a lamp fitting. The stainless steel Lightswing® is a stylish addition to these elements. Also, stainless steel gives your interior a timeless and modern look. Just attach a wooden lamp to the Lightswing® and you are done!

Lightswing Single Stainless steel living room

The Lightswing® matt black

Do you have an industrial pendant light that you want to transform into a real eye-catcher on your ceiling? Combine them with the matt black Lightswing®!  The Lightswing® matt black 9005 is industrial, graphic and a frequently seen colour in the house. The wonderful thing about this matted Lightswing® is that it really holds the attention. By matching the colour of the cord and the suspension system, the Lightswing® becomes a design item in your interior.

Lightswing Single black diner room

So, do you already know which Lightswing® colour you want? Take a good look at all the colours or get inspired and look inside different interiors where a Lightswing® hangs. Get inspired at our   ‘look inside at’  page.