Lightswing Twin

The Lightswing Single can rotate 360° and slide 29.5 inch in both directions. This gives the Lightswing Twin a diameter of 4 feet and 9 inches. Here, please take into account that when the Lightswing is fully extended, one light remains suspended close to the connection point.
With the Lightswing Twin the light fixtures are 35 inch apart. Depending on the diameter of the light shade, the distance between the complete lights will differ. The Lightswing Twin is best used with a table between 5.2 feet and 6.5 feet in diameter.
Yes, the Lightswing Twin only needs one connection point. The power splits to both ends within the Lightswing.
No, the Lightswing Twin is designed for two pendant lights of 7.5 lbs each. Due to the cantilever action of the Lightswing, one light weighing 15.4 lbs is too heavy for the system.
Yes, the Lightswing Twin can also be used with one pendant light. The Twin has two connections, but they do not both need to be used. This means you can easily change between one or two pendant lights.
Each individual pendant light up to 7.5 lbs is suitable for the Lightswing. With the strong steel construction of the Lightswing, lights up to 7.5 lbs can be attached, even when the arm of the Lightswing is fully extended. The Ligthswing Twin can also hold a maximum weight of 7.5 lbs per light (15.4 lbs total). A light must never be heavier than 7.5 lbs.