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Unlock your Lightswing® with the  – Block release


Is your Lightswing® no longer rotating? Then your Lightswing® has gotten stuck in the spin-through protection. You can get the Lightswing® loose by turning it the other way. But which way was that again? We have created a handy too

l for you so you can enjoy flexible pendant lights again in no time.

Why doesn’t my Lightswing® rotate anymore?

To prevent damage to the cords of the Lightswing®, it comes with a spin-through protection. This is activated when the Lightswing® is repeatedly turned in the same direction when being moved. Over time, this can cause the Lightswing® to become completely stuck.

Here’s how to solve it!

Using the Block Release, you can easily rotate your Lightswing® freely again. In the PDF below you will find the Block Release with simple instructions. Print it out and follow the steps carefully to quickly enjoy your flexible pendant lights again.

Download your Block Release here!

Can’t figure it out?

Can’t get the Lightswing® moving again using the Block Release? We are happy to think with you.

Lightswing blog - Block Release